App Installation

Installing the Shorewatch App Portal

The Shorewatch App Portal is effectively a webpage which can also be saved as a 'progressive web application' (PWA) on the homescreen of a mobile device or desktop of a traditional computer. This means that, unlike a website, it is able to operate without a network connection - when you're at a remote Shorewatch site! - and it has a faster response time even when your connection is slow.
Once you have installed the app portal, it will look and feel like any other app on your device: you won't see an address bar and it will have access to the phones other capabilities like the camera and location. However, you do not need to install the app portal to use it, you can also follow the link like any other normal website.
**Important: there are some limitations on the browsers you can use to install the app portal and these are vary by device so please find the instructions below which relate to the type of device you will be using. 
You can now link directly to the Shorewatch App Portal ( to get installation instructions. If you do not have a login, you will land on the app home page. To navigate to the installation instructions:
  1. click 'continue with out logging in'
  2. click 'help' on the right side of the bottom menu
  3. scroll down to 'installation instructions' 
  4. choose the correct type of device

Once you've installed the app portal, you may want to watch some of these 'how to' videos to get a feel for the app!