App - How to Videos

The best way to get used to the app is to start using it. We would recommend that you start by entering data from a paper form in the first instance or partner up when you're on site so that one person is doing a watch and the other person is managing the app. Our experience is that it felt different to the paper forms at first but we soon got used to it and we are really enjoying the features like the in-app timer and the ability to auto-locate a Shorewatch or casual sighting. We also think that this will be a great way for Shorewatchers to explore other sites when you're out and about!
Remember, this is a web-app which means that you are able to use it away from connection but you will need to open it when you're connected (wifi or 3G / 4G) to send those saved efforts inot the database itself and to check for updates. This will also allow the app to find the most recent information about sightings, sites, etc.
It might help to watch us go through the app a couple of times but please do ask any questions - you won't be the only one to have them! Contact Alice on or through WhatsApp / text.

How to videos: