Big Watch Weekend winners!

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For those who don't follow our Facebook group, here is the latest news about September Big Watch Weekend:

*** BWW Competition Winners *** 

We had a very successful Big Watch Weekend this September with 187 watches being done across 15 sites!!
Winners of the competitions are as follows:

  • Most watches by an individual goes to: Liz Brooker with 28 Shorewatches over the weekend - well done Liz! Special mention must also go to Colin Graham (20), Walter Innes (18) and Graham Kidd (16), what a fantastic effort
  • Most watches by site: Tiumpan Head with 34 across the double site and also Cullen with 28 watches at the single site!
  • Earliest watch was won by Graham Kidd who was up at 5.49am and 6am on two different days, followed by Ian Williams at 6.15am.
  • We still have not recieved any team/cetacean photographs, so if you have any send them in with the title BWW photo competiton to & they may feature in the newsletter.

Well done to everyone who took part, and thanks again from everyone here at Spey Bay for your ongoing commitment to the Shorewatch programme. If you are interested in more detailed information about sightings over BWW make sure to look out for our Autumn Newsletter in the next few weeks...