24 hour meditation at Chanonry Point

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Gerry Beasley
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24 hour meditation at Chanonry Point

(Please note that this has been posted retroactively; the 24-hour meditation took place in June, 2018.)
BUDDHISTS are getting set to wish all life well during the Highlands’ first ever 24-hour  midsummer meditation at Chanonry Point next weekend. (23/24 June)
Members of the Triratna Buddhist Community Highlands and guests from further afield will be taking it in turns to meditate at the world famous dolphin watching  site.
The event, which runs from midday on Saturday June 23rd until midday on Sunday June 24th, is being held as part of Buddhist Action Month and will raise funds for Scottish homeless charity Social Bite and Whale and Dolphin Conservation. 
“We want to make a positive difference in the world through our actions,” explained event organiser Gerry Beasley from Rosemarkie.  “The theme of Buddhist Action Month is ‘Transforming Self, Transforming World’ and this is what we aim to do when we meditate.
“Mediation looks passive, but it is actively and radically transformative,” she added.  “As well as practising for our own benefit, we meditate for all beings, so we thought it fitting to meditate at this spot to raise money for whales and dolphins as well as for people who find themselves homeless.  
“We chose the midsummer weekend as we thought it would be a great way to celebrate the Solstice as well.”
Members of the local Triratna Buddhist Community have invited friends from Triratna groups across Scotland to join them, and people will be meditating at the Point throughout the 24 period.
Donations can be made on the Triratna Highlands Buddhist Community Website buddhistcommunityhighlands.org.uk and fundraisers will be collecting money for the two charities during the event.

Alice Walters
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What an amazing event, Gerry!

What an amazing event, Gerry!  Thank you from everyone at WDC for the donation that you sent through and for lending your energy to the Shorewatch Programme!

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