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Watching whales, dolphins and porpoises in the wild is a privileged experience and everyone has their own unique encounters with these amazing creatures. WDC collates sightings of whales, dolphins and porpoises, collectively known as cetaceans, from all around the UK. Sightings are becoming more frequent as awareness of UK whales and dolphins increases and it remains important to maintain a record of every sighting. These records help us build an archive of their movements and give an indication of the where whales and dolphins choose to make their homes within UK waters.
It is only by increasing our understanding of these creatures that we can effectively protect them. Our network of trained volunteers are watching out for whales and dolphins from specific Shorewatch sites around the Scottish coastline.
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Shorewatch news

HWDT's Whale Trail

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Whale Trail

The HWDT Whale Trail has officially launched!
Over 30 unique sites across Scotland's spectacular west coast.  Celebrating breath-taking places along our shores that look out across seas where whales, dolphins and wondrous creatures roam.  From dramatic headlands to white, sandy beaches and bustline harbours, the Whale Trail is awash with special places where nature and heritage are interwoven.  From the Clyde to Cape Wrath and out to St. Kilda... where will you be when your one-in-a-million moment happens?

Risso's off Lewis - Weir et al., 2019

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Our latest publication is out!  With the help of Dr. Caroline Weir, we have used a combination of photo-identification data and Shorewatch data to demonstrate the importance of the proposed MPA of east Lewis for Risso's dolphins.  Shorewatch data helped to prove that Risso's are present year-round and that calves are present in these waters in the spring and summer months.  Photo-ID has shown us that individuals return to the area through a given year and across many years within the study; this is known as site fidelity.  Read the attached pdf for the full story!


2019 Marine Forum - March 2nd

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Marine Forum poster

WDC Shorewatch and SMASS are teaming up to bring you the 2019 Marine Forum: Share knowledge, take action, sea change.
Join us for a fun, educational day filled with topical talks and interactive workshops by influential researchers and conservationists and meet others who wish to celebrate citizen contributions to a better understanding and protection of the marine environment. 



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