Shorewatch Database 101 series webinars

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Alice Walters
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Shorewatch Database 101 series webinars

Welcome to the Shorewatch Database 101 series!  We cover the basics of how to use and how to explore the Shorewatch database which can be found at
Please let us know if you have it questions at
Section 1. Logging on and editing your user account
Password: RmXMF432
Section 2. Entering Data
In this section of the Shorewatch Database 101 series, we will cover entering both effort-based and casual sightings.  We also touch on adding 'my sites' to your list so that data entry is easier!
password: 7mP3ispm
Section 3. Editing and Exploring Data
This section of the Shorewatch Database 101 series will demonstrate how you can edit data that you have already entered.  We also look at mapping and filtering the data in the database so that you can explore it in different ways.
Password: Yj8NhUcV

Stuart Dewar
Very useful. Thanks for

Very useful. Thanks for posting. 

Northern Isles ...
No longer available

These recordings are no longer available because we have shifted from using Webex to host online meetings and recordings. Logging on and entering data is now covered within the training and the annotated pdf of these slides can be found within the documents supplied at the training. We will run a session on 'editing and exploring' data through the database in 2021 and then post the recording for viewing in your own time. Thanks!

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