Publication: patterns and trends in Shorewatch data

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Shorewatch Publication! 9,000 hours of watching out for whales and dolphins in 7 years? 52,000 Shorewatches and 11,000 sightings of 18 different species? You lot are awesome and we are celebrating your contributions! This paper shows that our Shorewatch data are high quality and fit for use toward monitoring and reporting on the status of cetacean populations in Scotland. Real people doing real science and every watch counts! Thank you for all that you do! Read the paper here or download the pdf below.
Have you ever wondered why it's so important to record your effort even when there are no sightings? Or how we use all that Shorewatch data to better understand how whales and dolphins are using coastal waters over time? Why are trends so important? What does it mean that she 'modeled' the data? And autocorrelation, what the heck is that?!! Watch the recording of our webinar with lead author, Paula Gutierrez: Finding patterns and trends in Shorewatch data