Jet2 captivity images and tweet exchange

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Krystyna Keir
Jet2 captivity images and tweet exchange

I was disappointed to see a rather stupid example of juxtaposition in Jet2's in-flight magazine on my way home from Portugal the other day. 
I tweeted about my disappointment and anger and Jet2 replied that they had passed onto my comments to the brochure team.  Then I got an update to say that all forms and references to captive animals are being removed from their brochures and magazine.  I don't believe that they directly sell trips (at least not online) so this is a good start!  Activism works! Replies to original tweet

Alice Walters
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WDC retweet

Great work, Krystyna, it's definitely worth the time to make your feelings known on an issue like this.  Way to go!

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