Data recap: Jan - April 2018

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We have been looking at your data from the first few months of this year so here is a data recap for the months of January through April of 2018.  You'll probably notice that there are some gaps; we pulled the data on 1st June and anticipate that there are some data sheets out there which had yet to be entered on this date - it will be interesting to see if outstanding data changes any patterns...  


Big Watch Weekend Winners!

Burghead's BWW 2016 pizza night c Adele Sutherland

Big Watch Weekend is over but a lot of watches were done and good times were had by all as seen in the photo of Burghead's pizza night.  You conducted 279 watches and made 95 sightings of cetaceans. More details to follow in the upcoming newsletter but in the meantime, thank you for your time and energy and congratulations to our competition winners:

Most Watches by an Individual – Roger Rapley with 30 watches

Most Watches by a Site – Tiumpan Head  with 83 watches (Tiumpan A – 43, B – 40)

Most Bird Species Recorded – Tiumpan Head with an amazing 45 species!



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